About the client

HMCL Ltd are a building contractor based in Kent, carrying out all aspects of domestic and commercial building work from construction to roofing to electrics and plumbing, as we as shop and office fit outs.

Initial position

The client had a self built vistaprint website, while it had all the information on the services provided it was mainly text based and looked dated.

The website was about half way down the first page when searching their brand name, HMCL.

They were also running an adwords campaign which was bringing them limited success.

Current position

We redesigned their website, splitting the content between a homepage setup to give a complete overview of their company leading the user to the area of the site that will provide them with the information they want, starting with a small about us snippet, a gallery to showcase previous work completed by the HMCL team, this then leads to links to the three areas they work in, domestic, commercial and office/shop fitting.

Their website now comes up first when searching for their brand hmcl.

We have closed their adwords account and started a campaign that has already reduced their cost per click to under 30% of their previous cost per click, including our fees, while extending the long tail keywords they were previously using to include more competitive keywords.




Web Design, PPC Advertising, Copywriting