DSA Manufacturing

Clothing Manufacturing

  • Website Design & Build
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing

From Start Up To Market Leader.

We started by building the website for DSA Manufacturing, the owner had just started up the company and needed a web presence.

After setting up the website we started on search engine optimisation, with three levels of keyword:

  • Stage 1 – long tail keywords
  • Stage 2 – Medium competition keywords
  • Stage 3 – High competition national level keywords

Within 3 months we had moved to 25 high competition, high traffic keywords.

DSA currently sits in the top 2 positions for all 25 of these keywords, while attracting users searching for over 1,000 keywords (this is the most google will show).

We then started a remarketing campaign to recapture users who had shown an interest in having clothing made, resulting in a huge uplift in users converting to customers.

“We originally approached we are digital marketing to design our website when starting the business, we decided to hold off on any marketing, generating around 2 leads per month on our own, we decided to try seo on a pay on results basis and we are now in on page one for all our keywords getting around 350 - 500 leads per month, we've actually had to reduce the focus of our business to just sports and casual wear because we couldn't handle all the extra business we are digital marketing have brought us”

Daniel - Director Of DSA Manufacturing

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