About the client

DSA manufacturing specialise in clothing production on a smaller scale for up and coming brands, since working with us they have gone from a general manufacturer to specialising in sports and casual wear.

Initial Position

We first started working with DSA Manufacturing when the director, owning a clothing brand, and struggling to find a reliable small batch clothing manufacturer, decided to set up the business.

They had sourced factories to produce the clothing for their customers and were getting one or two leads per week from their contacts in the industry.

Current Position

We build the DSA manufacturing website as a one page site, leading the user through the production process and answering as many of their queries as possible to optimise conversion rates.

We started SEO on the website targeting some highly competitive keywords, and have now reached the top positions for the majority of the keywords targeted, with between 3,500 to 5,000 unique visitors from search engines each month, and around 350 to 500 conversions per month.

*client has given permission for us to disclose this data


DSA Manufacturing


Web Design, Branding, Search Engine Marketing